About Us

Jack Russo comes from a long line of Sicilian fishermen, most born and raised in Trappeto, a small fishing village 24 miles from Palermo. To get a feel for what the provence of Trappeto is like just look at the large photos in Russo’s Restaurant; they are reminiscent of fishing villages just like Trappeto. Jack enjoys visits back to his roots where he still has family. Several of the family photos hanging in Russo’s are from his earlier visits to Sicily with his parents, and if you take note of Russo’s "Private Selection" wine labels, you will see a photo of each of Jack’s grandparents.

Jack opened Pasta al Dente in 1989. In 1993 he met his wife to be, Vikki, when she applied for work. In 2009, Pasta al Dente was “re-invented” and renamed Russo’s Neighborhood Ristorante & Bar. Having been in the small community of Naples in Long Beach for 20 years, Jack solicited feedback for Russo’s new menu from his loyal and long time customer base, and with the customers’ favorite dishes selected, as well as their ideas for some great new items, mixed with Jack & Vikki’s favorite recipes, Russo’s Neighborhood Ristorante & Bar’s new menu was created.

You may be wondering about the word “bar,” in our name when you don’t see what one might consider a traditional bar -- that being a high counter you sit at with a bartender behind it. Being Sicilian, Jack didn’t want to take away from the old fashioned leisurely dining with friends and family around a table. It is said that there is no other place in Europe that has brought leisurely dining to the level - if not the exalted status - of high art the way Sicily has, where lingering is encouraged and dinners traditionally begin around eight and last forever!

So, if on occasion you find it a little loud at Russo’s, we hope that you sit back and enjoy the sounds of family and friends having memorable times around the dining table; or better yet, join in, because everyone at Russo’s is family!

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Order Dinner from Russo’s

Whether you have house guests or are just too busy to put a meal together, Russo’s can help. You can pick up your entire meal from salad to dessert, or just order what you need to supplement your existing menu.

Need a Private Room?

Or a whole restaurant for that special event? Russo’s has banquet space for up to 90 people. We look forward to being of service to you!